Kestrels – Class 11


Kestrels class is a key stage 2 Classroom in Stanley School. We have 4 staff in our class. Gemma is our class Teacher, and Teaching Assistants are Trish, Hilary and Helen
The majority of the children are ASD and we have a low arousal setting. Our pupils are pre and semi-formal learning and access child and adult led activities using a multi- sensory topic based curriculum inside and outside the classroom.
In Kestrel Class we enjoy a wide range of activities and play and social development is a very important part of our learning through continuous provision approach. The children enjoy weekly PE and swimming and regular outdoor play throughout the day. This supports sensory needs and readiness for learning.
We all eat snack in the classroom but some children join others class in the hall for lunchtime. This is our important time where we work on choice making and self-help skills. We support the children being as independent as possible and give opportunities for this throughout the day.
Many children use PECS to aid their communication and help them to make choices and this forms an important part of our snack time and lunch time. We use a total communication model using visual, signs and verbal support.
Kestrel class uses a SCERTS program in class and all lessons and activities are individualised to each child’s need.

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