Owls – Class 8

Welcome to OWL Class

Hello and welcome to Owl Class! My name is Laura and I am lucky enough be the teacher of 7 wonderful children who, together, form Owl Class. Myself and the children are fortunate enough to be supported by 4 excellent teaching assistants; Helen, Andy, Julie and Janet. We all work together to form a dedicated class team who are passionate about the children in our class; they make us all very proud.

The children in Owl Class have a wide range of skills and interests. They are all very active and absolutely love to visit the swimming pool! The children enjoy a wide range of sensory activities and they benefit from having access to an immersive sensory provision. We provide a high level of structure to the children and we work hard to support them with their communication across all of their learning and time in school. The children enjoy an Attention Autism session each day which is a brilliant opportunity for them all to learn together.

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