Early Years Foundation Stage

The aim of the Early Years Department at Stanley School is to ensure a happy transition from home to school and to provide a positive and productive start to each child’s school career. We recognise that our children learn in different ways and develop at different rates and are each unique in their learning styles and interests.

All our pupils within the Early Years Department follow an adapted version of the Early Years Framework, based on the 7 areas of learning and development as listed below:

The 3 Prime areas of learning are:
• Communication and Language
• Physical Development
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The 4 Specific areas of learning are:
• Literacy
• Maths
• Understanding the World
• Expressive Arts and Design

We have a thematic approach to planning the curriculum all based around the needs and individuality of the children with play being at the heart of how children learn

Characteristics of Effective Learning:
The Characteristics of Effective Learning and the Prime and Specific Areas of Learning and development are all interconnected. Again we adapt them to meet the diverse needs of each of our pupils. The Characteristics encourage development of the different ways in which our pupils engage with others and their environment. They support a readiness to learn which underpins the learning and development across both the Prime and Specific areas of learning and also support our pupils to become effective and motivated learners.

The Characteristics are as follows:

Playing and Learning:
• Showing curiosity about objects, events and people.
• Using different senses to explore the world around them.
• Showing particular interests but being able to redirect attention.

Active Learning:
• Being involved and concentrating.
• Showing interest in new activities and the world around them.
• Repeating successes.

Total Communication:
• Developing new communication skills
• Learning to communicate needs to adults
• Use different strategies.

Playing and Learning:
• Being ready to learn and engage
• Learning how to self-regulate

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