Pupil Well-being

​In Stanley school we provide a variety of sessions to support the pupils well being.

Inside Out Characters. We use the Characters from Inside to promote pupil understanding of what emotions are. We have Inside out plush characters, play sets, books and video clips and games.

We use The Resilience Doughnut. The Resilience Doughnut is a way of finding out the strengths that are in you and around you. We use a story about Sam, to learn about each of the seven parts in the Resilience Doughnut (called factors). We then look at what factors Sam can use to make his situation better.

Next Steps.  Next steps cards enable pupils to explain how they feel and explain concerns.

The Big Book Of Blob Feelings. In Stanley school we use the colour codes for emotions, in line with The Disney Inside Out movie. Using these colours with the Blob Feelings enables us to see if the children understand emotions, it also enables the child to express themselves without struggling to think about the correct words.

Understanding Emotions Group. We have small groups of four children who meet weekly to complete the Understanding Emotions Group.

Turn taking, communicating, sharing and play skills.  Games with rules. Games can help to increase the pupils attention, improve memory skills and experience winning and losing.  Pretence/socio-dramatic play. This type of play encourages private speech.  Socio-dramatic play can improve self-regulation among young children who are prone to be highly impulsive.

Girls club. Girls club was originally created to support our Autistic girls, however the group has been so successful it has grown in size.