Acting Head Teacher: Holly Barker
Acting Deputy Head: Ritu Hulme

Senior Leadership Team:  Jinny Morgan- Lewtas, Katie Walsh
Leadership Team: Ceri Walker, Michael Farrelly
School Business Manager: Janice Hughes

Class 1:
Teacher: Hannah Marsh
Teaching Assistants: Steph, Nicky, Claire

Class 2:
Teacher: Katie Walsh
Teaching Assistants: Nicky, Ange, Sarah

Class 3:
Teacher: Liz Johnson
Teaching Assistants: Tina, Jane, Jennie

Class 4:
Teacher: Laura Griffiths
Teaching Assistants: Sandra, Emma, Tiffany

Class 5:

Teacher: Becky Eaton

Teaching Assistants: Angie, Nicky, Vicky

Class 6:

Teacher: Jinny Morgan-Lewtas
Teaching Assistants: Jennie, Kirsteen, Roz/Jen

Class 7:

Teacher: Gemma Liddy
Teaching Assistants: Gemma, Sarah, Karen, Melanie

Class 8:

Teacher: Sarah Earp
Teaching Assistants: Emma, Helen, Adam, Mel/Jasmine

PPA Cover:

Teacher: Claire Lightbound

HLTA’s: Glenys , Zanny 


Pupil/Family Support Team: Louise, Heather, Pam

Integration Co-ordinator and Support: Pippa 

Speech and Language Therapist- Charlotte Ambrose

Swimming Coach: Jonathan Gerrad

Class 9:

Teacher: Olivia Hughes
Teaching Assistants: Kim, Sue, Amy

Class 10:

Teacher: Laura Owen
Teaching Assistants: Sandra, Sandie, Janet

Class 11:

Teacher: Gerry Robinson/Clare Madeley
Teaching Assistants: Trish, Helen, Ami

Class 12:

Teacher: Mike Farrelly
Teaching Assistants: Pam/Donna, Julie, Ashley

Class 13:

Teacher: Ceri Walker
Teaching Assistants: Mandy/Di, Sue, Kate, Kim

Class 14:

Teacher: Cassie
Teaching Assistants: Lisa, Jo, Marilyn

Class 15:

Teacher: Claire Woodberry
Teaching Assistants: Jan/Kirsty, Di, Hillary


Admin Staff: Carol, Ange

Site Manager: Pete Doffman

Caretaker: Helen Hull

Nurse: Karen Whitehead


Midday Supervisory Assistants: Tracey, Caroline, Cathy

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