What is SASS, it stands for Stanley Award School Scheme, it is an active learning club for pupils who benefit from the individual self driven learning style based around commitment to group work, self regulation, and building emotional resilience. It is divided into different sections. The 2 main parts are contribution activities (activities work towards collaborative projects or fundraising activities) and a collaborative project. The collaborative project will be  school activities with options for others to participate in. (Art projects, Den area’s, assemblies etc). 


Our message is :- be ambitious, whether we succeed or fail it will be glorious.


We are currently looking at the changing seasons on the growth of vegetation and creatures that surround us. Here we are developing our wormaries. 


All about me –  The All about me section is for assessing the child’s emerging strengths and the child’s interests, but ensure they are comfortable enough to express themselves confidently.

Be the Team – Be the Team is about using their interests and working together on a shared vision incorporating their individual interests into a group activity, maintaining their own identity and sense of belonging.

Adventure – looks at the involvement of each child within the group, expressing their own ideas but more crucially respecting all ideas within the group. 

Be Brave –      Bravery is much more than being fearless, bravery can be sharing an idea knowing it may be rejected, sharing a moment with someone irrespective of the perception of others, making someone else feel special.