Swimming and Hydrotherapy

At Stanley school swimming lessons take place daily in our state of the art swimming pool and hydrotherapy pool. 

We are very lucky to have a full time, specialist swimming teacher employed at our school, Jonathan.

We support all pupils to access swimming sessions in our specialist provision, and every child has the opportunity to a swim session every week. Sessions are tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the children across the age range 2-11 years. Sessions are planned to carefully to provide progression and the development of skills, water confidence, physical benefits, social and emotional benefits and sensory needs.

Swim sessions for our children have benefits that go beyond learning to actually swim various strokes. Our children learn to be safer around water. Some children with sensory disorders find water and showers very stressful and learning to swim helps pupils cope with this stress. Here are some of the many additional benefits of our swimming programme:

Boosts confidence

Swim sessions can offer our children a restriction-free moment for the first time in their lives. It can condition young bodies while it bestows confidence and a sense of achievement.

Our children also develop better spatial awareness that comes as they learn to use reference points whilst exploring water depth. This increased spatial awareness, along with the development of natural balance, may help to prevent children from drowning if they accidentally fall into water.

Physical benefits

he pool is a relaxing and fun environment for exercise for kids of any ability level. Water resistance helps to build muscle tone and general strength. Learning to swim helps children with disabilities develop motor skills, coordination, and balance. They’re isolating muscle groups and learning how to coordinate different motions as they learn to move through the water and float.

Some of our children have physical difficulties and we have a large class of pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties who hugely benefit from our facility. These children thrive in the pool. The water helps to improve their range of motion. Our swim sessions provide an environment offering freedom of movement, sensory exploration, water confidence and safety skills.

Emotional and social benefits

Our swimming sessions aim to teach our children new skills and offer a sense of achievement as they are encouraged to explore their boundaries and discover new abilities.

Swim sessions are designed especially for special needs children based on 

Some of our pupils are working towards the aims of the national curriculum which is to ensure that by the end of Year 6 they can: 

* Perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations.

* Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.

* Use a range of strokes effectively, for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.